Photo:  Anne Ludwig

Andreas Kurths is a landscape architect and has a doctorate in open space planning. After studying landscape architecture at the TU Berlin, he worked on the development of open space concepts and reports for various municipalities in Germany as well as research projects on green infrastructure for the BBSR and the BfN in the office of Group F | Freedom for everyone is responsible. He has also been part of the executive steering committee in the office since 2021.

From 2017 to 2020 he was part of the International Doctoral College Research Laboratory Space . The associated research work led to his dissertation (summa cum laude), completed in 2022, with the title “Network-supported open spaces – A free space type of digitally modern spatial production”. This work includes the development of methods for analyzing the spatial production of dynamic actor networks using case studies from European cities, which resulted in the development of the construct of network-supported open spaces and their attributes.

The creative processing of urban transformation processes with their methodological and scale-related challenges for open space planning in the crisis mode of the Anthropocene, the effects of cultural changes caused by digitalization on open space as well as the translation of social science theories for landscape architectural design are his approaches to the profession of landscape architecture and open space planning. Andreas Kurths brings his previous professional work at the interface of conception, planning and implementation as well as his experience with research-based learning and design in transdisciplinary contexts into the teaching and scientific work of the department. His research focuses on network-based spatial production, the dynamics of actor-space relationships and urban informality in digital modernity.