The Fledge project aims at collaborative and comparative research to enhance regional food system sustainability and focuses on a three themes within a period of five years:

  1. The integration across multiple political jurisdictions (municipal, regional, national, international), policy spheres (e.g. economic development, agriculture, the environment) and sectors (public, private, civil society);
  2. the tensions, compromises and opportunities inherent in the scaling up and out of sustainable food system initiatives; and
  3. the need for appropriate, innovative governance structures and institutions to support the development of sustainable regional food systems.

The project collaborates with eight Canadian research nodes. TU Berlin is member of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) which complements the work of the National Advisory Committee. The IAC includes experts from the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Germany, France, Wales, the Netherlands, Italy and South Africa. Three Working Groups explore and develop research related to agro-ecology, territorial food systems and related metrics, and innovative governance.

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06/2014 – 05/2019

Undine Giseke

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Kansas State University
Michigan State University Centre for Regional Food Systems
Ohio State University
Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture & Food Security
Stroudco Food Hub
Sustainable Places Research Institute- Cardiff University
UNESCO Chair of World Food Systems
University of Buffalo
University of Chapingo

Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council