Urban Design Methods and Tools II [IV]

The seminar focuses on the scientific methods of the four root disciplines (Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture and Sociology) of the UD Master; and possibilities of their integration. It consists of sequences with methodological and theoretical input alternating with practical examples and exercises. The aim is to significantly mix methods and tools and give a broad overview of different methods and tools – mirroring the interdisciplinary nature of the UD-Mastercourse. This means that access to the various disciplines and relevant skills is ensured, but also that the courses are interactive and practical as therein we will deal with concrete tasks in the Berlin area.

Modul: Urban Design Methods and Tools
Modulnummer: 60777
Modulverantwortlicher: Prof. Angela Million, ISR
Modulteil: II
Bereich: Pflicht
Verwendbarkeit: Master Urban Design
Veranstaltungsart: Integrierte Veranstaltung
Semester: Sommersemester
SWS: 4
LP nach ECTS: 6