The way of creativity surveys by example of the scribble – Significance and analysis of “empfindungsbilder” as a preliminary stage for sketching in landscape architecture
Gabriele Holst

Situations of space are perceived as a holistic experience. Next to the functional aspects there are qualities, that we receive primary in a physical and sensual way. The survey based on the opinion, that the experience, expressed as feelings, the method of perception is, which has been forgotten specially in a profession of producing space as landscape achitecture is. These circumstance leads one into a situation that the potentials of a process of creativity scarcely will be recognized and be used even less. One can develope the complexity of indiviual feelings into generally notification. The result is a way of “oblivion of creativity”. The process of creative activities is reduced in such a way so creativity only appears as a new product. So one can’t understand creativity as a elementary human phenomenon and the communicative possibilities for the process of sketching. The survey will demonstrate, how the levels of a creativ way work together and how we can use their different qualities for sketching. This demonstration means to make us more sensitive for the importance of feelings. We meet the levels of the creative process as two possibilities of perception. The direct experience and the reflection will be noticed in their different qualities but also in their cooperation. The interaction of these levels is the engine for the creative working as a open process. The structure is inherent in every person. The process of creativity is characterized on one hand by a cycled repetition of the same structure and on the other hand by the individual handling inside this structure. The results of the process can’t be predicted. But one can describe the interaction of the different levels and their qualities for designing space.