Assessing Landscape Sustainability and Enhancing the Sustainable Performance of Existing Landscape in Egyptian Residential Compounds

Ahmed I. Amr

The research focuses on two aspects of ecological landscape sustainability which are: water and vegetation. The study covers different typologies of residential landscape that are classified according to water availability, sources and quality as well as geographical locations that may impact the diversity of the vegetative species. Water is considered as a highly scarce resource in Egypt, but still for many residential typologies water is used in massive amounts to create lush aesthetical landscape and sometimes limited agricultural use.  The main goal is to reach an assessment method of landscape sustainability valid for the different identified typologies of residential landscapes. Another objective is adapting a simulation program that evaluates that landscape according to different scenarios and detecting the ecological revenue and predicting the future situation of water and vegetation.

Ahmed holds his BSc. in Architecture from Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. Finished his Masters from the same school specialized in Sustainable Landscape in University Campuses. He has major interest in Landscape, Architecture, Urban Design and Planning. He was hired as a Teaching Assistant in Urban Design and Planning Department from 2011- till now. Currently, he is a DAAD scholarship holder and is conducting his PhD since April 2018.