From the Aesthetic to the Productive
Conference May 5-6, 2017
Designing Cycles Series
German University Cairo Architecture and Urban Design Program

Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations, rich in natural and man-made landscapes of genuine beauty. Despite the long tradition and history of landscaping in Egypt which is both productive and aesthetic, current
landscape designs are mainly focussing on ornamental qualities.

With the GUC lecture series we want to look at landscape through the eyes of various practitioners, researchers and professionals in the field. We are inviting designers and a new generation of agriculturalists
from Egypt and abroad to discuss potential synergies hidden within the contemporary landscapes of Egypt.

Undine Giseke and Juliane Brandt (TU Berlin) supporting this first conference in cooperation with Ulm University and University Stuttgart within the framework of the DAAD-BMBF-funding project „Sustainable research cooperation with the German University in Cairo (GUC)“.