Die neuen Kurse sind da. Dieses Sommersemester übernimmt Anna Neuhaus die Gestaltung des Gender-Seminars. Hier findet ihr den isis-Kurs mit allen weiteren Informationen.

The Earth is underlying fundamental processes of transformation located in extreme temporalities. We find ourselves at a (scientific) turning point: narratives and practices that seemed accurate and appropriate only yesterday appear inappropriate, blurred, in need of renewal. This includes concepts of socio-natural relationships, of the space in which we locate ourselves, of interdependent categories of gender, nature and culture. To awaken in the Anthropocene means with every achieved new terrains of knowledge even bigger gaps are revealed and our own alienation to the Earth and disorientation becomes more obvious.
We need to find and design (theoretically and spatially) ‘landing zones’ – to orientate and allow a new contact. In the seminar we want to follow the scientific and design-related questions that are imposed in consequence. Amongst other: how can we learn our planet anew and locate ourselves in it? How can we perceive (listen and measure)? Who are we entangled with and with whom do we need to form coalitions with (humans and non-humans)? What aesthetics seem appropriate and are reproducing the new realities? What skills are inherent to our professions to design these new landing zones?
These questions we will follow in an exploratory attitude using key texts and diagrammatic maps – investigating new methods of cartographic tools and visualisations of spatial interrelations.