“COLLOC” stands for “Collaborative Production of Transformation Knowledge in Self-Organized Occupations”. It is a cooperation project from TU Berlin, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and UFRJ Rio de Janeiro.  The “COLLOC 2023” Alumni Workshop is part of the collaborative “COLLOC Workshop Series”, which in this year take place from 1 to 3 Sep online and from 22 Sep to 1 Oct online and in presence in Rio de Janeiro. This kind of knowledge is made possible through the participation of many stakeholders such as local actors and students. This collaboration structurally anchors an expansion of transdisciplinary cooperation and research in connection with teaching. Alumni will have the opportunity to learn and share their expertise on a concrete social problem in a local context as they practice, test and reflect on mutual learning, transdisciplinary work with various actors from science and society.

More information and please apply: https://www.tu.berlin/en/communication/alumni/angebote/events/international-alumni-seminars/colloc-2023

For more information you can also contact: kathrin.wieck@tu-berlin.de